An unexpected punk chic we found in Louis Vuitton recent show SS16

Hi, guys! My post today is about the recent Louis Vuitton SS16 fashion show, which was presented to the world today in Paris.

Leather jackets, deconstructed miniskirts, cut gloves and huge platforms and black, black, black - this time Louis Vuitton collection is tinged with at least a pinch of punk. The Sex Pistols fans of the 1970s may have seen “No future”, but their style has remarkably durable. Despite all, the punk look has survived over the decades, reappearing now and then on the runways. Of course, to adapt its principles to the women of today the edges are softened a bit. And we can see different plain and soft colors and rather feminine shapes used in combination with leather coats and vests.

The version of this show has little to do with the outlandish outfits spotted on Kings Road in London 40 years ago. Paradoxical as it may seem, the punk style of today is not about rebellion. The result: the belts on the leather jackets form nice patterns. The black miniskirts are asymmetrical for a subversive touch, but the rivets on the dresses are placed with couture precision.

There are yards of black and red leather, even in the form of a body-hugging vests and tops. It seems that the huge round necklaces on the heads of the models are the emblematic accessory of this truculent trend. So wear them as though it’s the most precious heirloom from your grandmother’s jewelry case. And note that the boots with massive platforms are close to real dyed-in-the-leather punks. This isn’t a fashion mosh pit, it’s punk chic that was unpredictably done by Nicolas Ghesquierethat nobody expected. Absolutely awesome must-haves are already on the to-buy-list.

As always Nicolas Ghesquiere is absolutely fantastic!!

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