Amazingly beautiful fashion show of Veronique Branquino we were lucky to watch at Place Vendome.

On the 5th of October we were invited to the fashion show of a famous designer Veronique Branquino during the Paris Fashion Week in Place Vendome.

We were introduced to an amazingly beautiful collection, that made the hearts beat watching every single look.

Veronique always makes references to the women who played somehow important role in the history. The new dresses that we’ve seen during the show made us remember about the times of Janna D’Ark and her great stories. Branquino is incredibly good at transforming the gothic chic into the dresses so naive. This sensation made us feel nostalgia about the 80s. We saw a lot of boho-styled long dresses made from a very light chiffon with the flower prints and embroidery. Long sleeves, different folds and R-necks distinguish these garments from any other styles, emphasizing the femininity and romantic mood of the main heroine of the next season. Veronique has taken the most luxury and stylish elements from the 80s that we could even imagine. This enigmatical mixture looked even more actual that it could be expected during the catwalk.

The designer is always searching for a proper aspects of a women beauty that are out of time and she is trying to identify if there is a universal language of beauty that could be understandable for all at once. She magnifies the total idea of femininity where every woman can find something special for her.

“Frankly speaking, I’m making my collections not for the mass-market that stimulates copying” – says Veronique to a glamorous magazines – “I’m designing for real people with real feelings and emotions”.

Her collection doesn’t have a straight sex appeal, her clothing is always a secret, where gothic is mixed with the 80s, mystery is mixed with simple cut.

During the show we saw a lot of the styles that were decorated with the fringe. And we need to remember that this a "forever trend" not only in the 70s with its famous boho-style but also fringe was always on top on each and every 20s party. It’s a bit difficult to distinguish now what was the real reason for the great popularity of fringe. Whether it was an ethnic fashion trend or a strong desire to make the looks more dynamic just. But the fact is - that we see it everywhere at the catwalks and store windows.

The collection of Veronique made a great impression on me! It established inside an endless desire to be always focused on more femininity, independent on the circumstances around us, that sometimes could make us behave like men. (Here women will better understand what I’m talking about :-))

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