Mary Poppins wearing stockings

Walking down the streets of Paris I decided to pay your special attention to the theme of combining the socks with the heels. This controversial for most of the people trend is popular at the catwalks of many designers.

During this season the stylists insist on breaking the rules and stereotypes and look extraordinary and smart. Breaking the rule of the past most of the models and superstars started to wear heels with the socks under. The thing that t considered to be “mauvais ton” now is so ultramodern.

Socks combined with different styles of heels were one of the main occasions of the fashion week. Models were all wearing this very important trend. The main thing to underline is that the socks must be a special show-off sign: bright, contrast, lace and meshy. A lot of the fashion week guests demonstrated the world their audacious combinations. Stylists, designers and stars from all over the world are calling us up not to be afraid of fashion experiments. “Socks with the heels are so stylish!” they tell us.

Some of them prefer solid color socks, another use knitted. This is the number two fashion trend – to wear socks ton on tone with the look.

Chanel and Saint Laurent were the first to offer unusual way of forever classic and totally ruined stereotypes.

To make your socks combination correct and stylish always use the heels with massive platform. It would definitely make your look effortless and easy. You can also wear pumps with the socks but be attentive to all the details to look great and well organized. It’s worth wearing with the luxuriant skirt, for example. Feel free to choose any that looks good enough with your brilliant legs.

Colorful, with prints or without, solid or wavy – they are the must-have for every fashion girl this season. Such unusual and extraordinary combination brings some freshness into the classic outfits of which we are a little bit tired nowadays. It brings a special retro-chic!!

I personally advise the girls to wear black socks with the varnished pumps and shirt trapeze skirt. Such 60s look will bring you extra charm and delicacy. For those fashion girls who prefer 80s more with its grange style the perfect would be Saint Laurent collection. Mr Hedi Slimane proposes to wear silver socks with pumps and narrow midi skirts.

The house of Chanel masterly combines black/white socks with the tweed suits. As long as the socks at the catwalks are more or less calm, the bloggers and other creative minded people wear heels with colorful and printed socks.

I can definitely say that my look was so suitable for the streets of Paris!! I used the contrast color socks with the platform heels. The color of my fashion item was almost the same as the shoes but was of another shade of purple. The hat made my look more romantic. I felt myself so feminine while I was circling on the street. I was almost ready just to cross the street and seat at the school desk of the University that was so near to the place of photo shooting. I felt myself so young and naive. The hot baguette de pain in my hands had a great smell and I was in a hurry to catch a taxi to eat it hidden from the other eyes of people. Bon appetite mon ami!








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