Easy to wear and hard to ignore. Or do you like the graphic t-shirts as well as I do?

Hi, guys! Today I’m going to talk to you about one of the most simple on the one hand, but on the other hand most smart piece of any wardrobe. Yes, yes. You are right!! It’s the T-SHIRT! Thinking of different events worldwide nowadays I decided to think it over.

Fashion is strong vehicle of cultural expression. It has enormous power to motivate and communicate some complex messages and draw attention to some of society’s most controversial topics. Exactly the printed t-shirts performed as an instrument of a cultural self-expression. In 1898, US sailors wore T-shirts as standard during the Spanish-American War. By 1913, US navy had issued crewnecks for wear under the uniform jackets. Low priced t-shirts gained popularity and became widely spread in different spheres of life.

Marlon Brando’s portrayal of Stanley Kowalski in a muscle tee in a film “A streetcar named desire” (1951) and James Dean’s appearance in a white tee under a zip-up leather jacket in “Rebel without a cause” (1955) lent an air of cool youthful defiance to a simple piece of wardrobe. Teens of the 50s used jeans with t-shirts. Manufacturers began dressing up the front and back with illustrations, pictures and manifests. Photos of the famous Elvis Presley covered the t-shirts for selling to his best fans. Even Camel cigarettes hyped the image of a cool male who rolled his pack in his t-shirt sleeve.

Marlon Brando in "A streetcar named desire" 1951

James Dean in "Rebel without a cause" 1955

In the 1960, English Designer Mary Quant turned the polyester tee into a fashion accessory for jeans and mini skirts. Rock culture also brought its influence to the fashion world that time and manufacturers became to produce t-shirts with the pictures of famous rock stars. Global appeal obscured the backgrounds of youth with an embrace of the Disney cartoons and “Namaste” greeting from India.

In the 1970s, designers Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani combined couture with pop culture tees and jeans. Esquire popularized black t-shirts as the counterculture choice of Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig and Tom Cruise. The reggae garb of the 1980s featured images of singer Bob Marley and marijuana leaves on t-shirts in red, black, green and yellow – traditional colors of Africa.

English designer Mary Quant

Malls in the 1990s drew youthful customers to the t-shirts and jeans in the department stores because of the low pricing policy. Since that time the theme of using jersey is always trendy and we see its different transformations every single day. Not any brand is an exception here and all of them on the way of building their fashion empires use the t-shirts selling practice. Simple but smart in combination with the whole wardrobe, graphic tees are a forever trend that is hard to overvalue. Many retailers are producing thousands of t-shirts all over the world. Boutiques and department stores open wide spaces for the good tee presenation availibilities. Monthly qualitative reports of different brans say always the same!

T-shirts and jeans are best-selling categories ever both for male and female consumers. We meet this garment in wardrobes of almost every person on Earth. Today as well as many years ago our t-shirts talk. 99% of them have different texts or prints that also expresses thoughts, emotions, life style point of view, religion and many other. Sometimes it has a strong appeal.

From a piece of mass culture, t-shirt started to reflect it’s owner’s character. All the fashion addicted persons know that a designer tee is an extremely must-have garment that could be clearly distinguished from a one-day tee of mass-market brands. This is something special with a soul, something with strong historical background. And for sure has a great future!

Here I want to underline that any t-shirt is so simply combined with everything.

You can wear it with a pencil skirt of any texture, shorts, jeans, formal pants or overalls. They can fix any “too much” look or on the contrary put a little part of rebellion sight.

It’s irreplaceable in the men’s wardrobe as well. I would better not talk about matching with jeans cause is so clear. But it’s so cool looking with a formal suit instead of dress-shirt. Wear a t-shirt with everything and you will never fail.

A t-shirt for sure will make you twice faster creating your look before going out.

Follow fashion, make experiments and let your t-shirt talk when you just want to keep silence.

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