Модный остров. Мое путешествие на Сен-Бартс

In this post I want to tell you about an Island that has a strong fashion basis. About an Island where the most bright covers of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar were done, about an Island where prominent fashion photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier and Jasques Zolty live and create their masterpieces, about an Island where Kate Moss and Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford made their most intime snaps. The advertising campaigns of Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney have been done here. Millionaire's wifes and world famous stars are doing their special shopping here with great pleasure. For sure Roman Abramovich was great to buy the property here and he is taking his famous "Eclipse" to stay exactly in the Carribean waters near the St. Barth's bay.

12 years ago, St. Barth was already a celebrity island and was known as "L'Ile des Milliardaires". People used to see there rich and famous people hanging out barefoot, or driving around in their MINI Mokes. Today you are more likely to watch the same people in Porshe Cayennes or BMWs - usually chaffeur-driven by suited men in shoes shine like mirrors. This used to be an oasis of peace, a place to hide away but now it has become a place to be seen.

Saint Barth, people say, is a sliver of the Cote D'Azur in the Carribean, an island Saint-Tropez. That's what attracts hollywood royalty, the pop princesses and the sultans of the Silicone Valley. They are drawn by the same things: flawless beaches, the Gallic ambiance and a hedonizm that hangs in the air like expensive perfume.

First discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and then 450 years later by Dutch aviator Remy de Haenen it won the hearts of people from all over the world. In 1953 he spent two hundred dollars to acquire the stony outcrop. He called it Eden Rock. It functured like a little hotel and even now its one of the most beautiful and best hotels on the island.



After David Rockfeller came to the island in the 1950s and began buying, the value of the real estate rocketed, meaning that every native-born citizen was sitting on a fortune. Villa of David Rockfeller is still here on St. Barth and belongs to his family.

It was until 1970s that the island started to become a real celebrity magnet. People were drawn by the simplicity of life here. They didn't mind the shops sometimes ran out of vegatables, or that tropical storms could cut off the island alltogether. A special magnetic part they also found in the sunsets here.

In 1980 St, Barth became a destination de luxe, partly because great photographers like Marco Glaviano and Patrick Demarchelier, Gilles Bensimon and Bruce Weber - came to shoot magazine stories and campaigns here and so the beaches and byways of the island found their way onto the pages of fashion magazines in the USA and around the world. This made the hotels to bacome bigger and bigger and for restaurants to spring up like mushrooms after rain. Paradise had become surprisingly comfortable and a new generation of beautiful people began to make their way here.

Americans have always been the largest contingent of visitors to St. Barth but mainland French people are also glad to have a place in the Carribean where you can play boules on the sand and eat like you were in Provence. Many Russians followed in the wake of Roman Abramovich after he bought a house in Gouverneur - so many that two of the twenty eight magazines on the island are published in Russian language. St. Barth is the only island on Earth that has an official representative office and magazine of L'Officiel.

St. Barth remains one of the most wonderful places in the world. The sea here is warm and safe as a swimming pool. There are no sharks in these waters and no scary animals of any sort on the island. The nature of St. Barth is absolutely magical.

Staying here for 10 days was a real paradise. Visiting the Nikki beach club we were watching Paul McCArtney at the next table, during the time when his daughter Stella was on the yacht parked in front of our hotel. We saw the DSquared brothers making pictures with the "pirat" in famous La Ti St, Barth. Paparazzi making pictures of Mariah Carey during her "brilliant" shopping in Chopard were on the way to our hotel when we were going back from lunch. During the dinner time we could easily watch Ksenia Sobchak at the next table in the "Bonito" restaurant where they serve delicious food and tasty coctails in golden pineapples.

Getting to know Jacque Zolty was a great experience because now I know that he was the best loved photographer of Lady Diana and other prominent and great models and actors. Even he is a big friend of Patrick Demarchelier and they have been working together.

This magic island of paradise impressed me so much. I would never forget some special "fashion" atmosphere and history of St. Barth because for me is very important, as being extremely fashion involved person I felt it so much in every breath I was taking there. So at the end I could only say that I highly recomend to everyone not to hear 100 times but more easily see it only once and for sure fall in love forever.

I'm sharing more pictures and videos in my instagram @ginakichi

Welcome, guys! And see you on St. Barth)))

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